Book 1 is the first book of the Mare Chronicles series, written by Jake Delatte. This book tells of the main character, Dany Rose, as he discovers a world bigger than he has ever imagined, but is handed the task of training to be a witch and finding the other two Destined Ones.


After X arrives at Danny Rose's apartment and threatens to kill him, his mom, Josephine, tells him the truth about him being a mare and the most powerful witch to live. he feels betrayed and runs away with his talking ferret, Klarion, to his best friends house. Ray tells him about the prophecy that her mom told her and they set out to find the other two destined Ones. On their journey from southern Louisiana to Pensacola, Florida, the partners battle demons and unravel more and more secrets about their family, past, and their powers. On the way, they come across a kid that tells them that he's a descendant and is on his way to Florida to a "Hotel 6". He leaves and then they're ambushed by demons. Two teen siblings show up and defeat the demons when Danny and Ray are knocked out. when the duo awake, the teens, Amelia and Daron, tell them that there the last two descendants and were looking for them. After heading to Pensacola and finding X, a huge battle occurs on the beach and the shoreline recedes for minutes. this reveals a huge underwater bunker named "Hotel 6" and they finally realise that there are descendents of the True Mare's.Edit