Queen of the Monsters
The Evil One
True Mare
Vital Statistics
'Gender' Female

The Creator(Mother)

Daron Paris(Son)

'Status' Immortal
'Eye Color' Gold
'Hair Color' Black
'Height' 5'7

Monster Form

Monster Summoning

'Species' Monster
Partner Eric Paris

Byron is a True Mare and the most powerful shifter, besides his daughter.


Dana is strong spirited. Mostly, she is described as evil, but in way that she does bad things with a god heart.


Dana has pitch black hair and feline shaped golden eyes with olive skin.


As one of the True Mare's, she has the ultimate powers a mare can possess, and is rivaled only by her siblings and the children of the mare's.

Monster Form: Dana can transform into a giant monster with skin of ask and fire that runs across it's body.

Monster Summoning: She can summon monsters because she created monsters, but once they are summoned they are wild. This is similiar to her son, exept he can control the monsters he summons.

Enhannced Phsical Attributes: Faster and stronger than most people are.