Queen of Magic
The Powered One
True Mare
Vital Statistics
Gender Female

The Creator(Mother)

Danny Rose(Son)

Status Immortal
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5


Species Witch
Partner Eric Paris(Amar Rose)

Josephine is a True Mare and the most powerful witch, besides her son.


The CurseEdit

After Ray was born, Byron and Josephine were talking about the prophecy about the children and how two of them will fall in love. They figured out that the two kids to fall in love with eachother would be Ray and Danny. Josephine stated that she didn't want her son dating his daughter because she didn't like Byron. Byron tried to explain to her that the prophecy stated that they had to be in love to defeat X. She didn't believe him and ran off. He followed her and tried to stop her from keeping them seperated. She bacame furious with him and cast a curse on him that made him an untamed wolf and banished him to a castle in the middle of nowhere. Then, she cast a spell on Ray that if anyone in the Blakely family ever hooked up with a member of the Rose family, then there power would become less contrable as they got closer to death in the course of a month.


Josephine has a very controlling and manipulative nature. She likes to have things her way or not at all. She does things thinking it's the best for her son and that's why she never told him about his powers, because she hought if he didn't know then he would be safe.

She also has a very loving side, but she doesn't show it to anyone besides her son beacause she thinks it will make her look weak.


Josephine has pitch black curly hair that ends near her mid back and hazel eyes with tanned skin.


As one of the True Mare's, she has the ultimate powers a mare can possess, and is rivaled only by her siblings and the children of the mare's.

Magic: She can cast spells and curses all from her mind but has to speak them for them to work.

Flying:She flys around on a broom on Halloween or to tavel(she made up the stereo type witch)

Second Soul: An evil part of Josephine that is trying to take control of her.

Enhannced Phsical Attributes: Faster and stronger than most people are.