Danny Rose's Pet Ferret
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Light Blue 
Hair Color Light brown,black, and white.
Height Exact size unknown(Can curl up in Danny's palms)
Affiliation Danny Rose
Weapons Claws & Fangs
Species Ferret

Klarion is Danny Rose's pet ferret. Danny's second mixed soul is inside Klarion's body. She has the unnatural ability to talk, which Danny isn't surprised about and thinks it's cool, so he doesn't tell anyone.


Klarion was born at Luna's Animal Shelter. Danny adopted her when she was two weeks old. He picked her up out of her cage and cradled her. He told her hi and she said hi back, yawned, and fell asleep in his arms. He was excited that she could talk and told his mom that he wanted her, but didn;t say she could talk. On the night of that day, Josephine split Danny's good and evil soul and attached them togeather making two mixed souls. She put one in Danny and the other in Klarion.


Klarion is an average looking ferret with light brown fur with black feet and a mixed light brown and white face. Most people notice her eyes first though, ecause there light blue and practically shine.


  • Teleportation- She gained the ability to transport herself along with anybody or anything touching her to any place she wants.
  • Talking - She can talk like a human, it is unknown why she can talk.