'True Mare 'is a collective term which refers to the six children of The Creator.

True MareEdit

A true mare is one of the five most powerful mare in all of the world. They are equally matched in power.

Angela: The Pure One- an angel that represents all things good in the world

Dana: The Evil One- a monster that represents all things bad in the world

Byron: The Wild One- a shifter that represents all the animals in the world

Josephine: The Powered One- a witch that represents all things magic in the world

X: The Dark One- a creature made of pure darkness that wishes to rule over the whole world and rid it of mares.

Mary: The Mortal One- the only human child of The Creator and is not considered a True Mare, but is still part of the family; she starts the species known as mortals or humans.

The DestinedEdit

The True Mares are the most powerful beings in the world.

They all made a pact that they would never have children in hope that they would be the only powered beings on the planet.

The True mares had children thousands of years ago, but have long forgotten. Now the descendants of those children are realising they have powers and are being tracked and killed by X's demons. Many are fleeting to a Hotel 6, an underwater hotel in the ocean of Pensacola Beach, Florida.

X found a mind control spell in Josephine's Book of the Night and cast it upon the other four true mares to make them have kids willingly. Fourteen years later, all The Destined, children of the True Mares,  have trained and practiced for fighting againsted X's army of demons, creatures made from pure darkness. The bad thing is, Danny doesn't know he's a witch and X's army is rising up and getting stronger

Danny learns that he is a witch when X shows up at his house and tries to kill his mom and him. He doesn't trust his mom for a long time and considers Klarion and Ray the only people/animal he can trust until he meets Daron and Amelia.