'Title '
The Dark One
'True Mare'
'Vital Statistics '
''''Gender 'Male '

'The Creator(Mother)'

'Many Children'

''''Status 'Immortal '
''''Eye Color 'Black'
''''Hair Color 'Salt and Pepper'
''''Height '3'4'
'Other '
''''Weapons 'Darkness'
''''Species 'Demon'
'Partner' 'None'

X is a True Mare and is made of pure darkness. Sarah is his daughter.



X has always been jealous of his siblings because they had more power than him. As he grew older, that jealousy grew and he devised a plan to rid the world of mare's. He stole a spell from Josephine and used it on the True mare's and made them have children. Sixteen years later, X is ready to wage a war and get the children to join him and finish off their parents. 


X is mean, jealous, rude, and has a dark sence of humour.


X is a short, bald man that Danny describes as "a munchkin without all the happy singing and smiling". His eyes are pitch black.


As one of the True Mare's, he has the ultimate powers a mare can possess, and is rivaled only by his siblings.

Darkness: X can literally turn into darkness and shape anything out of the darkness.

Demon's: He can make demons out of darkness and control them when needed.

Enhannced Phsical Attributes: Faster and stronger than most people are